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About the DS

The Citroën DS, also known as 'The Goddess' is an executive car that was produced by the french manufacture Citroën between 1955 and 1975, our particular DS was manufactured in 1972.

The DS is well-known for its futuristic, aerodynamic body design, styled by the Italian sculptor and industrial designer Flaminio Bertoni.

The DS advanced the achievable standards in terms of ride quality, roadholding, handling and braking in an automobile.

Swivelling Headlights

The DS features four headlights under a smooth glass canopy, and the inner set swivels with the steering wheel as demonstrated in the home page video. This allows the driver to see 'around' turns, especially valuable on twisting roads when driving at night.

Hydropneumatic Suspension

As demonstrated in the photo to the top left, and in the home page video.

NOTE: Text mostly taken from the Citroen DS page on Wikipedia.

Some of the Awards the Citroën DS has Won...

Top Gear: 100 Sexiest Cars - the DS came in 75th

The Guardian: The Perfect Ten - The DS is at the bottom of the page - Sept 2008

Daily Telegraph: 100 most beautiful cars - The DS came in 2nd - 2008

4Car (Channel 4) 100 Greatest Cars - The DS came in 22nd

Automobile Magazine: 100 Coolest Cars - the DS came in 5th - 2005

MSN Cars Top 10: Best Ever French Cars - The DS came in 1st - 2008

International Interior FX Design Awards 1999 - Product of the Century - 1999

Autoblog - Car designers name Citroen DS "most beautiful car". Ever. - 12th Feb 2009

International Interior Design Awards